Babywearing 101: MOBY Wrap, Chicco Ultrasoft Carrier & Tula Baby Carrier

While pregnant with my first son Luke, I learned about all the benefits of babywearing. Not only is it super comforting for a baby to be held so near to you, but it’s also quite convenient for mom (or dad) as it allows you to accomplish anything from doing the dishes to caring for another child.


Luke in the MOBY wrap – Newborn Hug Hold

When Luke was born I couldn’t wait to bust out the two carriers I had gotten. First, we used the MOBY Wrap Classic. I had to read the instruction manual a few times to get this one figured out. It’s basically a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and then place your baby in. It can be a bit cumbersome to put this one on and get the baby in, but once he’s in there, he’s snug as a bug! I love this wrap for the newborn phase because you can keep baby in the fetal position with their hips together, which is important for proper development. There are a couple other holds for this wrap that we found useful as Luke got older.


Luke in the Chicco Ultrasoft Carrier

Once Luke was a couple months old, Robert tried out the Chicco Ultrasoft Carrier. He used it almost every day while walking the dog. Luke enjoyed it and was able to see out of it well. He’d stare up at the sky and trees while we walked. The only downfall to this one is the lack of waist support. As Luke got heavier, he got pretty uncomfortable to wear. This one can only be worn on the front of the adult, but the baby can face inward and outward.

I asked around quite a bit while pregnant with baby #2 (Eli) because I knew I needed something quick and easy to throw on that was also ergonomic. With a toddler on my hands, I wouldn’t be able to give the new baby my full attention 24×7 so I figured babywearing would be clutch. Most people were either team Ergo or team Tula. Both of these are pretty pricey, coming in at $150+, but as a second-time mom, I knew this was an item to splurge on. I ended up going with the Tula. It seemed to have a few more fans, and plus, it comes in a variety of really fun designs and patterns.


Cooking dinner with Eli sleeping in the Tula

Verdict: I’m thrilled with my Tula! It is so comfortable to wear and Eli falls asleep in it the moment I put him in it! It’s very easy to strap on and I can wear it for extended time periods without feeling achy. And even though he’s only 3 months, he’s nearly 20 pounds, so the Tula is bearing his weight well!

So, for new moms or moms-to-be out there, a good baby carrier is definitely something I recommend splurging on. The MOBY and Chicco options are great, but neither are perfect for extended use. The Tula fits babies up to 45 pounds, so you can get a whole lot of use out of it as your baby grows.

What are your thoughts on babywearing? Which type of carrier is your favorite?


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