Months 4-6: Bring on The Toys!

By month 4, babies are starting to transition from sleepy little feeding and pooping machines to actual little people who start to do fun stuff. That being said, this is when toys start to really emerge on the scene. In this phase, since babies are learning to sit, they’re able to start to hold, swat at, and reach for toys. Here are our some things we are (and aren’t!) playing with now.

Teethers – All new parents know about Sofie. You know, the $25 giraffe teether that every baby HAS to have. I fell for it as a first-time mom. I thought it must have some magical powers. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Your baby is not going to care if he or she has the IT teether. Just get some little round rings that are easy to grab, or any toy really, and it’ll serve the purpose of a teether.

Oballs – These toys are perfect for baby’s tiny little fingers. They can easily grasp and hold on to their thin outlines.

Jumper – A jumper is a great babysitter, err, I mean, a safe, educational place for baby to burn some energy. There’s music, plenty of things to pick up and look at, and best of all, all the jumping seemed to strengthen Luke’s legs and really set the foundation for walking.

Taggies – We realized quickly that every new toy we gave Luke ended up with its tag in his mouth. He’d find the tag, chew it up and pay no attention to the toy itself. Enter the brand “Taggies” where their toys have little tags on them for the actual purpose of being chewed on!

Baby Walker – Toward the end of this stage, your baby might be starting to get the hang of moving around in a walker. Although many websites will tell you these are not safe, they’re another great babysitter. We had a lot of fun chasing Luke around the kitchen in his walker. I think as long as you use them inside in an area where baby can’t fall off a step or ledge, they’re a safe and fun toy.

Play Mat – I included this on my list for products needed months 1-3 and it’s still just as useful to have at this stage. The only difference is now when you place your baby on one side of it and walk away, you might come back to find that baby has scooted or rolled to the other side!

There are countless toys on the market, and I’m sure I’ve left off some great ones! What other toys have you and your baby enjoyed?

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