How Breastfeeding Makes Life With Baby Easier

I previously posted about my breastfeeding fears, revealing I had a tough go of it in the beginning, as many women do. I almost gave up several times. One of the hardest parts in the beginning was how I felt like my life was run by breastfeeding. I felt like I was so tied down by it that I couldn’t live my life.

But then my perspective changed.

I realized even if I was formula feeding, I’d still need to stop what I was doing every 2-3 hours and feed my baby. That’s what being a mom was all about! The overwhelming feeling I had was due to the new sense of responsibility of having a baby, not necessarily due to breastfeeding.

So I continued with it, and I’m so glad I did. Most people talk about the bond they have with their baby when breastfeeding, but in my opinion, holding a bottle while staring down at your baby creates as much of a bond with your baby as breastfeeding. For me, it came down to the fact that breastfeeding just made my life easier! Here are some ways it has simplified my life.

No prepping bottles – There’s no searching the cabinet for a bottle and nipple, waiting for the water to warm up, or scooping formula.

No cleaning bottles and nipples – With up to 12 feeds a day, I would have a never-ending trail of bottles and bottle parts to clean.

One less thing to remember in the diaper bag – I already have such a hard time getting out of the house with enough supplies for me, my toddler and my baby. Remembering formula and bottles might put me over the edge.

Getting more sleep at night – Supposedly, even though breastfed babies might wake up more often at night, breastfeeding mothers tend to get more sleep because they can feed their babies without fully awakening since they don’t have to get up and prepare a bottle.

Feed anywhere, anytime – I love how hassle-free and low maintenance breastfeeding can be. It’s nice to just take a quick seat somewhere (like on a fallen tree on the Appalachian trail) and easily feed my baby.


Nursing during a hike

Of course there are also lots of health benefits for both mom and baby, and oh yeah, it’s FREE! The last time I checked, organic formula was $26.99 for a tub that might last a week.

As I’ve said before, a happy mom and fed baby is what’s important and breastfeeding doesn’t always work out. But since I wrote about the hard parts of breastfeeding, I thought it would only be fair to include the really great things about breastfeeding too!

What do you love about breastfeeding?


8 thoughts on “How Breastfeeding Makes Life With Baby Easier

  1. incognitasole says:

    I was only able to breastfeed for the first month as my milk production ability would decrease exponentially. Even though it was just for one month, it was the best experience for me and baby. I loved staring at her while she drank away, and I loved the cuddle time! I agree that bottle-feeding can be inconvenient in that you would have to wash them, carry them around, purchase new nipples, buy (expensive) formula… ahhh! I do hope that I can breastfeed for more than a month with baby #2, whenever that will be 😉


  2. Emily Bresin says:

    I loved breastfeeding my daughter. It was so convenient to be able to feed her anytime, anywhere, without any prep or clean up! Once we switched to formula, washing the bottles was a nightmare! I agree with you about there being a special bond both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. There’s nothing like gazing into the eyes of your child while feeding them. I miss that now that my 14 month old is done with nursing and formula.

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  3. Fluffy says:

    Getting baby back to sleep at night! All the melatonin in breast milk helps lull them into a slumber (for the most part)… Don’t know what I’d have done without that?! We’re 16 months in and she’s still as keen as ever… Ha Lovely positive bf post!
    P.s. no periods?! That’s another bonus 😉

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